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Virtual Coffee Monthly Challenges

Every month, we create a challenge for our Virtual Coffee members to complete together

Why should members participate in the monthly challenge?

These monthly challenges provide members the opportunity to learn, grow, and receive support and mentorship. There will be a theme for each month's challenge and weekly goals for the members to work on. Instructions, resources, and additional help for the challenges is provided in the #monthly-challenge channel in slack. Along with our Maintainers, our Challenge Team Leads plan, organize, and facilitate these challenges.

Who can participate?

These challenges are available to all Virtual Coffee members and the goal is to support developers of all stages in their coding journey. To become a member of Virtual Coffee, all you need to do is attend a Tuesday or Thursday Coffee and submit the form you'll receive at coffee. After you submit the form, you will receive an invitation to join the slack group where you can share your progress on the challenges and ask questions.

Our challenges so far: