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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Virtual Coffee

Celebrating a year of community!

Monthly Challenge for April, 2021: Community Kindness!

We've made it through 100 Coffees, and we're celebrating a full year of Virtual Coffee! This month, let's celebrate one of the things that makes this community so special: Kindness.

Since this is a special challenge, we have some ideas to start things off, but we're looking forward to the creative ways you participate.


Community Kindness: Celebrating 100+ Coffees, and a year of Virtual Coffee Kindness

Starter Ideas

We encourage everyone to take care of yourself and participate in a way that works for you. If you have the opportunity or time, here are some ideas to get things started:

And remember, a community is only as awesome as its members, and you are all awesome ❤️