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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Monthly Challenge for October 2023: It's Hacktoberfest! Participate in open source, learn, and have fun!

This month, we have three tracks: maintainers will provide issues labeled for Hacktoberfest, contributors will solve issues, and mentors will help contributors and maintainers be successful.

Challenge Team Leads & Facilitators: BekahHW, Dan Ott, Ayu Adiati, Dominic Duffin & Julia Seidman


The 2023 Hacktoberfest!



They provide the repository(ies) with "hacktoberfest" topic(s) and issues labeled "hacktoberfest" on their repository(ies). They will also answer the contributors' questions, review the pull requests (PRs), and validate and merge them following the contest rules.


They find repository(ies) with "hacktoberfest" topic(s) and issues they want to solve. The contest's goal is to have four (4) pull requests (PRs) validated and merged during October.


A mentor will be paired with a mentee (contributor or maintainer). They provide support through a 1:1, a pairing session, Slack, or whatever works best for the team!

How to Participate

Before starting

You can access your dashboard here if you've signed up for the VC Hacktoberfest Initiative.



Make sure you include "hacktoberfest" as a label in your project's topics section (found in the "About" section on your repository). That's how you opt-in to Hacktoberfest.

Weekly check-ins

Let's start the week with an async check-in. What are your goals for Hacktoberfest for the week? What support do you need? Do you plan on spending time in the #hacktoberfest-co-working-room, talking to your mentor, or answering questions as a maintainer?

Every Friday of the month, we'll have a sync check-in. Join us, share your progress, ask questions, and find help and support. We'll post more information in the #hacktoberfest channel in Slack.

Can't come to the sync check-in? No problem. We'll also have an async check-in in the #hacktoberfest channel on Slack.

How do I share my progress?

Share your progress in the #hacktoberfest channel in Slack so we can celebrate with you! And if you need support, we'll be there to help you, too.

While no other platform is imposed, sharing on social media for more reach can be a good idea, but only if you are comfortable doing so. You can share on X (formerly Twitter) using — or not — the hashtag #VCHI, a personal blog, a post on, you get the idea!

Sharing every time you add some work is a good idea. Small progress is still progress. There is no need to write a detailed blog post. A 140-character post on X can be enough. For example, "Today, I submitted my first PR for Hacktoberfest. #VCHI"

What if I need help?

You can ask questions and ask for ideas and help in the #hacktoberfest channel in Slack or join the #hacktoberfest-co-working-room. Asking for help is part of the process!

And remember, we're always here to help! 💙

Completing the Challenge!

To complete the challenge, you need to complete four meaningful contributions during October. It can be creating a PR, writing a good issue, creating content such as a blog post or video about contributing to a project, helping to answer questions or triaging issues, meeting with your mentee, and so on. Share your progress in the #hacktoberfest channel on Slack.

Remember, VC is here to support you during Hacktoberfest but is not an official event partner. To complete the Hacktoberfest, you must have four (4) pull requests (PRs) accepted.

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