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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for thenext challenge!

Monthly Challenge for January, 2021: Month of Learning!

It's a new year and time for learning new things! During this month, we'll work on learning new dev-related things. You might deep-dive into one topic, start a small-group that focuses on community learning, focus on a new topic every week, or do a little bit of everything.

If you're inspired by what you learn and want to share more, we encourage you to give a lightning talk in February!


Month of learning challenge



To learn something new, share what we've learned, and gather recommendations to share with the community

How it works

Resources Recommended by Our Members:


Heydisco: How does machine learning work?
Cost: I got it on sale in November, and I couldn't find current pricing

A high-level overview of how machine learning works. It's a good resource for beginners. It breaks down concepts into really easy to understand pieces.

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Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human again
Cost: Free! I borrowed the audiobook from my library.

This is another overview of Deep Learning, but focuses on use cases for the Healthcare Field. It gave a fascinating overview of a lot of different ideas, what's being developed now, what we can expect in the future.

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A Complete Beginners Guide to React: Hooks Edition
Cost: Free!

An extremely accessible introduction to React that will get you making something real in no time at all.

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React 16 Lifecycle Methods: How and When to Use Them
Cost: Free!

A comprehensive guide to Lifecycle Methods in React 16

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Understanding TypeScript - 2021 Edition
Cost: I got it on sale for $12.00 USD. I think it's normally $99.00 but udemy has very frequent sales.

A lovely introduction to the typescript language, with lots of focus on practical usage and configuration.

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React: The Complete Guide
Cost: I got it on sale for $12.00 USD. I think it's normally $129.00 but udemy almost always has sales going on.

From the same presenter as the Typescript course. A very solid introduction to React. Clear presentation. Lots of code examples.

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