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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Monthly Challenge for February 2024:
Month of Learning!

It's time for learning new things!

The Challenge

During this month, we'll work on learning new dev-related things. You might deep-dive into one topic, focus on a new topic every week, or do a little bit of everything.

If you're inspired by what you learn and want to share more, we encourage you to give a Lunch & Learn or get ready for our Lightning Talks in April!


We aim to learn something new, share what we've learned, and gather recommendations and resources to share with the community.

How It Works

Create Your Plan and Set Your Goals

In the first week of February, you should draft your learning plan.

Make Progress

We'll be doing learning check-ins in the #monthly-challenge channel in Slack. Each Monday, set your goal for the week. On Friday, give your progress update.

Each week, you'll choose something you want to learn and the resources you'll use to learn about it, then dive into learning. You can continue learning about one topic throughout the month or use the month to explore a new topic every week.

At the end of the month, we'll collect recommendations of the best tools, guides, and resources we found as we explored our topics for this month's challenge and share them with the whole community.

Learning Ideas

Not sure what you want to learn about? Here are a couple of non-traditional ideas to help you get started:

Quick References

And as usual we're always here if you need help or clarification ❤️