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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Monthly Challenge for August, 2021:Healthy Habits for Healthy Devs.

We're approaching summer and the exciting Hacktoberfest, let's take this month to recharge and recover. This month's challenge is all about nourishing our bodies, minds, and spirits so that we can become healthier developers.


Healthy Habits for Healthy Devs


  1. Build a new habit that will make you a healthier dev, this can be mind and body centered (drink, move, read, meditate, rearrange your work station) or code centered (review your ReadMe, clean your code, refresh your GitHub repo) or both.
  2. Set the goal for yourself this month and define what successfully completing the challenge looks like. For example, could be something like: review the README in 5 of your projects (one every week) or run 2k twice a week.

Daily check-ins- Are you hitting your goals?

Every day let's hold ourselves accountable by sharing our progress with the community. We will be using the slack channel for this purpose.

Who can participate?

Virtual Coffee's goal is to support all developers, no matter where they are in their coding journey. We encourage all members to participate. This challenge can be done alone or in a group.

How it works?

How to share my progress?

Share your progress in the #monthly-challenge channel in Slack. While no other platform is imposed, it can be a good idea to also share on social media for more reach but only if you are comfortable to do so (Twitter using -or not- the hashtag #VCMonthlyChallenge, a personal blog, a post on, you get the idea)

Sharing every time some work is added is a good idea, small progress is still progress. No need to write a detailed blog post: a 140 characters Tweet can be enough. For example: "Today I did 10m of meditation in the morning".

Tips for form healthy habits