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Virtual Coffee is a laid-back conversation with developers twice a week. It's the conversation that keeps going in slack. It's the online events that support developers at all stages of the journey. It's the place you go to make friends.

Anyone can join! Whether you're thinking about getting into tech or have been in it for decades.

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A collection of resources for Virtual Coffee members

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  • October 2021

    Hacktoberfest is here!

  • September 2021

    September is Preptember! Let's talk Open Source!

  • August 2021

    What we're up to in August: Health and Self Care ✨

  • July 2021

    What we're up to in July: Demoing in Public ✨

  • June 2021

    What we're up to in June: Learning in Public, together!

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Monthly Challenges

Every month, we create a challenge for our Virtual Coffee members to complete together

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