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Virtual Coffee

An intimate community for all devs, optimized for you

Virtual Coffee is a laid-back conversation with developers twice a week. It's the conversation that keeps going in slack. It's the online events that support developers at all stages of the journey. It's the place you go to make friends.

Anyone can join! Whether you're thinking about getting into tech or have been in it for decades.

What we're up to

All Things Virtual Coffee

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Community Events

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  • Tech Interview Study Group

  • Virtual Coffee - Morning Crowd

  • TypeScript Tuesdays

  • Start Finishing Part 1 Discussion

  • Accountabilibuddies - Thursday Session

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Member Resources

A collection of resources for Virtual Coffee members

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Virtual Coffee Podcast

Conversations with members of the community

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Virtual Coffee Newsletter

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  • September 2022

    Virtual Coffee is Prepping for Hacktoberfest! 💝

  • August 2022

    Virtual Coffee is Making Healthy Habits and Welcoming New Members 💝

  • July 2022

    Virtual Coffee is Building in Public in July 💝

  • June 2022

    Virtual Coffee is Giving Meaningful Feedback in June 💝

  • May 2022

    Virtual Coffee is focusing on Community Kindness and the future in May 💝

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Monthly Challenges

Every month, we create a challenge for our Virtual Coffee members to complete together

  • September, 2022: Preptember!

    September challenge -> Get ready for Hacktoberfest! This month, our member maintainers will cleanup their repos, and our members getting ready to contribute will be writing good issues.

  • August, 2022: Healthy Habits for Happy Devs

    August challenge -> This month challenge is all about nourish our body, mind and spirit and give a step forward to become a healthier dev

  • July, 2022: Demo in public!

    July challenge -> Let's build in public, starting with Daily Standup! During this month, let's learn to communicate what we're working on, show our development, be confident and proud of any progress we've made, and demo what we've done!

  • June, 2022: Giving meaningful and empathetic feedback

    June Challenge -> Being a developer is more than writing code, so this month let's work on providing each other with honest and empathetic feedback.

  • May, 2022: Community Kindness!

    May challenge -> Heading strong into year three! This month, we are focusing on what make this community special: Kindness

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