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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Monthly Challenge for September 2023: Preptember! Get open source ready.

This month, we have two tracks. Maintainers will review their open-source repos with our repository checklist to ensure their projects are ready for Hacktoberfest contributions. Contributors will look at their favorite repos, evaluate them based on the guide, and write good issues to fulfill the criteria.

New for this year, we also have a Virtual Coffee Preptember repository for you to add yourself as Preptember participant and to list repositories that pass our repository checklist to be recommended for Hacktoberfest!

Challenge Team Leads & Facilitators: BekahHW, Dan Ott, Ayu Adiati & Dominic Duffin


Get ready for open source!





Preparing your open-source project for contributions is one of the best ways to create a community of contributors that lasts beyond Hacktoberfest. Your repository should have a clear path for communication, a good explanation of how to run the project, and clear issues. Our guide will help you prepare your project and be added to the list of Virtual Coffee-endorsed projects for our Hacktoberfest Initiative.


The first step in becoming a good contributor is navigating an open-source repository and understanding the time and effort maintainers put into ensuring their projects are welcoming to contributors. As we move into Hacktoberfest season, we can support maintainers in their efforts to onboard new contributors. To complete this monthly challenge, find an open-source repository you'd like to contribute to and evaluate it based on our repository checklist. If it doesn't meet our checklist requirements, add an issue or multiple issues, asking the maintainers to update the repository based on your feedback.

How to Participate

Please take a look at our Repository Checklist. This guide contains everything we look for in a good open-source project.

Weekly check-ins

Are you making progress? Set your weekly goals every Monday during September, and let's check in on Fridays in Slack.

Example Goals for Week One

  1. Maintainers — Review your and files.
  2. Contributors — Look through your favorite repos to see if there's an issue you could create.

How do I share my progress?

Share your progress in the #monthly-challenge channel in Slack. While no other platform is imposed, sharing on social media for more reach can be a good idea, but only if you are comfortable doing so. You can share on Twitter using — or not — the hashtag #VCMonthlyChallenge, a personal blog, a post on, you get the idea!

Sharing every time some work is added is a good idea. Small progress is still progress. There is no need to write a detailed blog post. A 140-character Tweet can be enough. For example, "Today, I updated my README to give instructions on how to run my project."

What if I need help?

You can ask questions in the #help-and-pairing channel in Slack, ask for ideas in the #open-source channel, or join the #co-working-room. Asking for help is part of the process!

And remember, we're always here to help ❤️

Completing the challenge!

To complete this challenge, post to our Virtual Coffee Preptember repository. There are two ways to complete this challenge:

  1. Add yourself as Preptember participant.
  2. Add repositories to the repositories list.
    • If the repository does meet the checklist requirements, post the repository in the Virtual Coffee Preptember repository.
    • If the repository hasn't met the checklist requirements, post the repository and a link to the issue/issues you've added to prepare the repository for Hacktoberfest in the #monthly-challenge channel in Slack.