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This monthly challenge is complete. Congratulations! Please join us for the next challenge!

Monthly Challenge for January, 2024: New Year, New Goals!

The new year is the perfect time to set your new goals. Whether learning new dev-related things, preparing yourself to get a new job, making new habits to be a better developer or anything you work towards this year. And this month, we're here to support you!

During this month, we'll work on setting up your goals for the year and break them into achievable goals for each month.


New year, new goals!


Our goal is for you to have a map of monthly achievable goals for the year by the end of the month.

Who can participate?

Virtual Coffee's goal is to support all developers, no matter where they are in their coding journey. We encourage all members to participate.

How it works

Set your goal and create your plans

What if I need help and want to hold myself accountable?

Coffee Table Groups

If you need help setting your goal(s) or want to hold yourself accountable by working on them with the community over Zoom, we're here for you!

Check the #announcement channel on Slack for the schedule of each Coffee Table Group and #vc-events channel to join the event.


Remember, we're always here to help. ❤️

Tools and Resources