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Virtual Coffee

Celebrating our Community as we move into our third year!

Monthly Challenge for May, 2022: Community Kindness!

It's amazing to realize that we've made it through more than 200 Coffees and more than two years of Virtual Coffee! As we work hard to make sure this community continues to be the special and close-knit group that it has been during that time, let's celebrate one of the things that continually makes this community so special: Kindness.

Since this is a special challenge, we have some ideas to start things off, but we're looking forward to the creative ways you participate.


Community Kindness: Celebrating our Community and continuing Virtual Coffee Kindness

Starter Ideas

We encourage everyone to take care of yourself and participate in a way that works for you. If you have the opportunity or time, here are some ideas to get things started:

And remember, a community is only as awesome as its members, and you are all awesome ❤️