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Monthly Challenge for June, 2022: Feedback

We're challenging you to both give and accept feedback from others.


Giving Meaningful and Empathetic Feedback


Provide feedback four times

Who can participate?

Virtual Coffee's goal is to support all developers, no matter where they are in their coding journey. We encourage all members to participate.

Let's work together!

When we care about our community members, we can offer empathetic responses that are honest and allow them to grow and to fix a problem. Sometimes these conversations are hard. But sometimes we need hard conversations to help us grow. Let's approach each other with kindness and honesty, and allow this kind of feedback to be a regular part of our process.

How it works

For this month's challenge we both need people asking for feedback and people giving feedback! If you need feedback on content or code, please post in the #monthly-challenge channel. It could be on a blog post, an idea, a coding project/PR, a talk, an interview, or whatever you could use feedback on.

Places where you can give feedback:

We’ll do async check-ins every week. Once you've hit 4 feedback sessions, reply to the check in with ✅

Resources & Events