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Giving Back to the Community

Ways to give back to the Virtual Coffee community.

Do you want to give back to the community but wondering how? There are many ways to help us, and we appreciate your help!

As you can see, Virtual Coffee has Coffees (Virtual Coffee weekly Zoom chats), events, and even office hours! And these are all becoming possible thanks to our members who run these voluntarily. Do you want to get involved in Virtual Coffee?

If you want to join the volunteer team, check out our open roles! If you want to share your knowledge with other members through a presentation, consider giving a Lunch & Learn session. And if you are interested in starting a new Coffee Table group, you can find more information on the Leading a Coffee Table Group page.

If you have questions about getting involved in Virtual Coffee, drop them in the #community-questions channel or contact one of our Maintainers.

Virtual Coffee's website and podcast transcripts are open source, and we love contributions! Please read our Contributing Guide ( in each repository before contributing.

If you still need to become familiar with open source, we got you covered! Head over to our Open Source Resources for more guidance about open source. And if you have questions, you can always drop them in the open-source channel on Slack.

Sponsorships help us continue serving the Virtual Coffee community and supporting everything you see on this website!

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