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List of terms that we use in the Virtual Coffee community.

In this article, you can find the meaning of terms we use in the Virtual Coffee community.

Our weekly Zoom chats | Tuesdays at 9:00 AM ET and Thursdays at 12:00 PM ET.

They are small, special interest groups created and run by our members. They can involve Zoom meetings, async Slack hangouts, or anything else the members would like to do.

Virtual Coffee's core team.

An assigned member who takes notes during a Coffee and shares them afterward on Slack.

An assigned member who facilitates a Coffee breakout room by moderating the conversations during the Coffee.

The abbreviation of Virtual Coffee. Our members usually refer to us as VC.

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An event where we encourage, help, and support our members to contribute to and/or maintain open source repositories during Hacktoberfest.

Short (5-20 minute time range) tech-related presentations from members to members. We hold this event occasionally.

It's a (typically) hour-long speaking opportunity for anyone in the community to share their thoughts and ideas with a small audience of friends.

Every month, we create a challenge with a particular theme to allow our members to learn, grow, and receive support and mentorship.

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Small groups in Zoom meetings.

The abbreviation of Code of Conduct.

A month-long virtual event that encourages and supports open source contributions, sponsored by DigitalOcean.

A pre-arranged time when a person is available during working hours to answer questions or provide assistance.
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Slack is the chat service that we use for our members to connect asynchronously.

Zoom is the communication and collaboration platform that we use for our virtual meetings and events.

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