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Virtual Coffee Slack Channel Guide

All the channels available in our Virtual Coffee Slack community!

This channel is all about questions, comments, tips, answers around a11y for accessibility.

Do you have an idea to add a new channel in Slack? You can discuss it on this channel.

Announcements of new channel additions are also posted in this channel.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • List of Virtual Coffee Slack’s Channels

The purpose of this channel is to announce anything related with Virtual Coffee such as the release of new podcast episodes, newsletter, Virtual Coffee events’ schedules and reminders, etc.

Check it out regularly so you won't miss our community announcements and events!

Regular bot announcements

  • Events of the week — Mondays at 8 AM ET.
  • Events of the day — On the day of the event at 8 AM ET.
  • Event starting soon — 10 minutes before the event start, along with the link to join the event.

Joining events

Within the final announcement that is dropped 10 minutes before the event, click the button to join the event. Then you will be directed to the Zoom of the event.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • Link to Virtual Coffee Teams Volunteer Form
  • Link to Virtual Coffee’s Code of Conduct
  • Link to Report Form Code of Conduct

Do you want to share useful tech/non-tech articles and resources? You can drop them here!

This is a channel that has such a lot of energy! Drop by here if you want to give/get that motivation and big energy for/from others! 🔥

If you love reading, this channel is what you’re looking for. The channel for book lovers and book discussions!

There are weekly discussion questions, a reading schedule, and a live group discussion at the end of the book going on in this channel.

Head over to the channel's description for the book's of the month and the reading schedule.

Do you want to work or learn with people around, or just want to hang out with other members? This channel is linked to Zoom and always open 24/7!

Joining co-working session

In this channel, click the green button to start a new session or join the ongoing session, and then you will be directed to our Zoom.

Are you doing Exercism, CodeWars, LeetCode, or another code challenge?

This channel is the perfect place to flex your skills, or ask for help!

If you are a coffee lover, this is definitely a channel for you because it’s all about COFFEES! Beans, beans, beans, the magical fruit!

Have questions about Virtual Coffee? What we do? What we're up to? Tools we use and/or how to utilize them? Or you have some ideas for the community that you would share? Drop them here for the community to answer!

This channel is to discuss business aspects of consulting and get support on client issues.

Do you have any questions around blog posts, or streaming, or video content? Or you simply want to share your work? This is the channel that you're looking for.

It’s also a place to organize and announce Virtual Coffee content-creation meet-ups.

Do you want to discuss or ask all things related to cybersecurity? Then you are at the right channel!

A channel for all things Developer Relations! Contents, travel, community, and more!

Do you know some non-VC-affiliated tech events and want to share them with us? This is that channel!

The floodgates are open to discuss any and all of our beloved fandoms. Manga/Anime, Marvel, TV shows, comics, etc. As always the Code of Conduct applies. No NSFW content.

Feel like you want to share delicious foods that you know, your instagram-like (or not) food pics, or ask and share recipes? We welcome all foodies here!

This channel covers any and all languages, including English. In addition, use this as a space to share different aspects of your various cultures, like regional holidays, family traditions, anything you find interesting or fun!

Drop by here for all questions, discussions, articles, all things frontend. From bundlers to MDN!

Want to game with other VC'ers? Look no further! It can be anything from a fun website, Catan Online or even something on Steam.

Did you totally nailed the latest Noodle, Wordle, Hurdle, or Zoodle?!? Go you! :tada: Share those results here, threading conversations as appropriate.

A place to post anything related to tech in general and extensions of Virtual Coffee's conversations.

🔁 Regular posts in this channel:

  • Notes from weekly coffees
  • Wednesday’s midweek check-in
  • Friday’s gratitude

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • Link to Lunch & Learn Talk Submission Form.
  • Link to Virtual Coffee’s repo issue #13 on GitHub to add yourself as a member of Virtual Coffee on our site.

Share your goals for the week and celebrate your wins in this channel!

A channel dedicated to shoutouts & kind words. Spread the love! ❤

Just a place to post things, ANYTHING, that makes you happy!

Because we also need to think of our health! This channel is a place to share anything related to health and sports/workouts that you do.

It’s a safe place to let out anything heavy that bothers you and/or ask for support.

Do you have any questions about your code? Or do you need someone to help you by pairing? You can ask for it here!

This channel is not limited to throw questions or ask help around code. You can also ask for resources, ask opinions about your project, ask help to fill surveys, or any other help related to tech.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • List of members' open-office schedules

Share those memes, jokes, and laughter with us here! This channel is for humor that embraces the Virtual Coffee's Code of Conduct, like 999%.

A place for pet parents and pet lovers to hang out. Share those cute pets pictures here!

A place for plant parents to trade tips or those that merely respect plants to hang out and take it all in.

The channel for indie hackers, startups, bootstrappers and side projects.

This is the place to share job boards and our support for good work in tech.

External job postings are not vetted by Virtual Coffee maintainers.

A channel to support, co-learning, and chat about topics we want to learn together.

A compassionate space where people can feel comfortable expressing their gender and sexual identities, and discussing issues in the space.

Anything about machine learning, statistics, and linguistics is happening in this channel.

A place to share things you make! Hobbies, crafts, costumes, woodworking, or anything else IRL!

A place to share status, approaches, and intentionally listening. Anything that helps us take care of our mental health.

A channel where moms-in-tech share their feelings, experiences, and frustrations and get support from other moms.

The channel to check-in, keep each other informed on our progress in monthly challenges.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • Challenge of the month

Want to discuss anything about music, share your favorite music, or what you’re listening to right now? You are in the right place!

Discussions, resources, and support for neurodiversity.

A place to discuss ways to create, contribute to, and maintain open-source projects.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • Link to Virtual Coffee issues on GitHub

Any good quotes you want to share with us? Drop them in this channel!

Some of us are parents, and we need support from each other too! You can find it on this channel.

This is the perfect channel for insomniacs!

A space that is dedicated to discussing anything about politics.

Do you want to share something that's completely random? Or maybe you want to share or ask something, but you're not sure where to drop it? You can always drop it in this channel!

We do encourage you to use this channel whenever you are not sure where to post your thread. Our maintainers and/or one of our members will repost it to the suitable channel(s) for more exposure.

A channel for members in the European region.

Do you like football, soccer, basketball, or any other sportsball? This channel is dedicated to you, sportsball fans!

Need some feedback on your resume? Have a question about the tech interview process? This channel is a great resource.

It’s made for Virtual Coffee members who may need help studying for technical interviews to come together, ask questions, run study sessions, and generally help each other interview and get the job!

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • “How to make the best us of the group” (Guide to Tech Interview Study Group)

List your favorite software, learning resources, equipment—all of your tech go-to’s! Also highlight deals/sales and ask for recommendations here.

Place to go to talk about history.

This channel is for announcements and discussion of both official Virtual Coffee events and member-lead events for Virtual Coffee members only.

📌 Pinned in this channel:

  • Lunch & Learn Talk Submission Form

Discussing and learning everything about VueJS.

Discussing and learning about web3 and the changes coming to the internet from blockchain technology. Topics can include: Crypto/NFT's, DAO's, Decentralized Technology, Non Crypto Blockchain use cases.

So you’re now on Slack? Welcome to Virtual Coffee! 👋

Please introduce yourself in this channel. We would like to know you better! 😄

This is the place to discuss and ask questions about WordPress!

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