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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, February 2024

Month of Learning! πŸ’

Hey Friends!

It's the second month of the year and it's time to learn! Join us as we implement our month of learning new things and putting our best thoughts and attempts forward.

πŸ’ž Kindness and Gratitude

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"Thanks so much to everyone that started and helps keep VC running!"


"I'm grateful for everything I learn from this community."


"I'm grateful for spending more time in #co-working-room this week and catch up with my folks."


"It has been a long week; many things are still on my to-do list. I’m grateful for all my chats in the #co-working-room this week."


πŸ“† What's happening at Virtual Coffee

January Recap

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: New Year, New Goals!

We took time at the start of a new year to really sit with our goals and put time and effort into making solid plans that we could stick to and achieve

February: Month of Learning!

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: Month of Learning!

During this month, we'll work on learning new dev-related things. You might deep-dive into one topic, focus on a new topic every week, or do a little bit of everything.

If you're inspired by what you learn and want to share more, we encourage you to give a Lunch & Learn or get ready for our Lightning Talks in April!

We aim to learn something new, share what we've learned, and gather recommendations and resources to share with the community.

β˜•πŸͺ‘ Coffee Table Events

πŸ“… Weekly Async Events

β˜• Official Virtual Coffee Events

Note: These are the currently scheduled times for these events at the time of this publication. Please check the official VC #announcements Slack channel, or other noted channels, for any updates and links to event rooms. For the full list of events, check out our events page.

πŸ†• New Career Focus Channels Alert

We've added three new private channels β€” Senior+, Mid-level, Early-career β€” to our Slack for peer-to-peer conversation, because we know that it's good to be able to support and nurture conversations specific to your career level. If you're interested in joining the one you identify with most, DM Bekah on Slack.

πŸ“ The End of Year Survey is here!

It's that time of year where we get feedback from you, the members! We always want to provide the best experience for our members and we'd love for you to fill out our short survey and tell us what you love about the community, what you want, and what you wish you had more of!

🀝 Volunteering at VC

We're very excited to continue open membership with the support of our active volunteers! All our active volunteers have an invite to send out to someone interested in joining Virtual Coffee. If you're interested in joining the volunteer team, check out some the roles here!

✨ Member Content Highlights

Our members are making the internet a better place with their words and wisdom!



πŸ† Member Wins

"Just did a major release with LinksHub, an open source project I maintain with another colleague. We redesigned the website to make it more user friendly and attractive."


"Just got accepted to Distribute Aid's Open Source Explorers program, which I found out about here on VC back in November. Program just kicked off today. Super psyched!!"


"Offer letter has been signed and I officially join the DevRel team at DigitalOcean as a Senior Developer Advocate."


"Finally finished my portfolio site! After weeks of flip-flopping between design decisions and even scrapping it altogether and starting over, I finally feel that this is worth deploying and sharing with the world."


"The app we programmed launched yesterday!"


πŸ‘€ What our members are up to

πŸ’» Open Source Projects

If you're a member and you’d like to give a Lunch & Learn or Workshop, you can submit your idea here.

Have a question, suggestion, or want to nominate someone’s act of kindness or blogpost? Email us at

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