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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, June 2023

Mid-Year Check-In πŸ’

Hey friends!

May was all about pair programming and achieving the dream together. Now it's time to do a mid-year check in and do some reflection.

πŸ’ž Kindness and Gratitude

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"I'm grateful for meeting David at co-working room this morning."


"I’m grateful for Dominic taking care of the Twitter chats each week."


"Thank you for having me, I learned a LOT, from each and everyone of you, whole lot of food for thoughts. I’m incredibly grateful :)"


πŸ“† What's happening at Virtual Coffee

May Recap

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: Pairing!

Last month the community was all about Pair Programming! We came together to collaborate on each other's projects, share ideas and tips, and just celebrate the collaborative aspects of coding. Together as a community, we got over 30 pairing sessions for the month of May. Thank you to everyone who participated.

June Happenings

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: Reflect. Reevaluate. Grow.

The Mid-Year Check-In challenge is designed to provide an opportunity for Virtual Coffee members to reflect on their progress, reevaluate goals, and gain clarity on their journey. Let’s pause, assess, and adjust as we reach the halfway point of the year. This challenge aims to encourage personal growth, foster connection within the community, and provide a supportive space for members to share their insights, challenges, and successes.

For this challenge, members are challenged to share insights and support each other as we reflect on our journeys.

β˜•πŸͺ‘ Coffee Table Events

β˜• Official Virtual Coffee Events

Note: These are the currently scheduled times for these events at the time of this publication. Please check the official VC #announcements Slack channel, or other noted channels, for any updates and links to event rooms. For the full list of events, check out our events page.

Volunteering at VC

We're very excited to continue open membership with the support of our active volunteers! All our active volunteers have an invite to send out to someone interested in joining Virtual Coffee. If you're interested in joining the volunteer team, check out some the roles here!

Member Content Highlights

Some of our member contents we loved in May!



Member Wins

"I've accepted a place sponsored by Code First Girls on their Product Management course!"


"I created a dictionary app using React! This simple project taught me a lot about the fundamentals of React!!!"


"My talk submission for DevRelCon in London got accepted!!"


"Very Excited! Just completed the Tableau component of a project I've been working on for a few months. The only thing left to do now is to finish organizing the readme and github!"


Dan Ott had his first PR to the React codebase merged in!

What our members are up to

Open Source Projects

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