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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, December 2021

We're getting creative this month!

Hey friends!

We had an AMAZING November and we're set to end the year in the spirit of support and celebration of our full selves.

💞 Community Kindness

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"I'm grateful for all the advice I get from VC members. I have a standing meeting that conflicts with my normal Thursday meeting so I can't attend as much, but the community is always available and has helped me so much this year as I figured out what I wanted to do next in my career."


"(Grateful for) All of you! I took a couple of days off this week for my birthday and b/c elementary schools were closed for parent/teacher conferences, and it made me feel so good to see all the birthday wishes when I logged on this morning! So many friends!"


"I'm grateful for this community of wonderful people and your open hearts."


📆 What's happening at Virtual Coffee

November Recap

December Happenings

💡 Monthly Theme & Challenge: Creative community challenge!

Devs are more than just the code we write. This month is all about embracing self-expression. Give back to yourself by indulging in something just for fun. Share the art, music, poetry, sports, games, or any other hobbies that spark joy for you. We spend so much time grinding away on understanding things in the tech space. Let's make some space for the other parts of ourselves.

🎙️ Podcasts

Season 4 of the podcast is here!

🥪 Member Events

These are members-only events that last for 45 - 90 minutes.

** Link for the Lunch & Learns can be found in slack about 15 minutes before the event and the descriptions can be found at

Member Blogpost Highlights

Some of our member posts we loved in November. Honestly, there were so many great ones you should really check out the full list.

Member Wins

"I have a demo for the database project I've been working on since June. From knowing NOTHING other than primitive React ... I managed to put my friend's data into postgres on AWS, write a bunch of node/express endpoints, and call them from a React App Component."

Cris C.

"The recording of my public tech talk(been some time that I have presented), where I was a co-presenter, is up here."


"I've finally finished this simple blog-app after a long struggle with firebase v9 and redux. it's still a lot of stuff to add, especially the styling part, but the main functionality is there."

Reda B.

What our members are up to

Open Source Projects

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