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Monthly Challenge for November 2021: Let's write 50k words together!

This month we're working together to blog 50,000 words! Based off the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Challenge, we'll be doing the tech take on writing and working together towards the goal while posting on our own blogs.

Get those blog posts up!

Current status:

Stretch Goal 2: 117,781 out of 125,000 words
117,781 Words

Our Posts:

Abbey Perini

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Alex Curtis-Slep

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Aurelie Verrot

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Ayu Adiati

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Ayush Newatia

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Brian Meeker

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Chris Jarvis

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Cris Crawford

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David Alpert

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Drew Clements

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Glen McCallum

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Jen Kennedy

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Jessica Wilkins

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Jonathan Yeong

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Justin Noel

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Karen Dickenson

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Kirk Shillingford

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Lewis Sparlin

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Lucia Cerchie

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Matthew Dean

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Matthew Foley

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Nerando Johnson

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Nick Taylor

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Rahat Chowdhury

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Ray Deck

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Sadie Jay

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Vic Vijayakumar

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Victoria Lo

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Yusuf Taiwo Hassan

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Member Totals Posts Total Words
Jessica Wilkins 24 24,494
Abbey Perini 7 14,584
Kirk Shillingford 3 6,738
Rahat Chowdhury 8 6,325
BekahHW 8 5,839
Jen Kennedy 5 5,589
Ray Deck 4 4,926
Yusuf Taiwo Hassan 3 4,612
Lucia Cerchie 9 4,153
Drew Clements 2 4,114
Victoria Lo 3 3,488
Ayu Adiati 4 3,441
Chris Jarvis 5 2,941
Justin Noel 1 2,936
Sadie Jay 4 2,835
Glen McCallum 3 2,683
Brian Meeker 2 2,170
Vic Vijayakumar 2 1,968
David Alpert 4 1,842
Ayush Newatia 3 1,838
Cris Crawford 2 1,829
Matthew Foley 3 1,557
Jonathan Yeong 1 1,547
Matthew Dean 1 1,079
Nick Taylor 10 811
Lewis Sparlin 1 742
Nerando Johnson 1 720
Karen Dickenson 1 668
Aurelie Verrot 1 556
Alex Curtis-Slep 1 437
Lenin 1 319
Total 127 117,781 words

How to Participate

Once you've written and published your content, sign in to the VC Members section and follow links to the November Monthly Challenge!

What kind of content counts towards the challenge?

Any tech-related blog posts or articles published in the month of November! Feel free to include code samples in your word count totals (if it's a word and you wrote it, we'll count it 😊).

While we love good documentation here at Virtual Coffee, README docs or anything else you would normally consider documentation don't count for this challenge.

What if I don't know what to write about?

We've got you covered. We hope to continually update this discussion throughout the month, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

A very special thanks goes out to Daniel Anderson, Meg Gutshall, Jessica Wilkins, Chris Jarvis, and Sadie Jay for helping to compose this list!

And remember, we're always here to help ❤️