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Hacktoberfest Initiative

An event where we encourage and support our members in contributing to and maintaining open source during Hacktoberfest.

Do you know that Virtual Coffee is also open source? That's one of the reasons we participate in DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest through our Hacktoberfest Initiative!

Hacktoberfest is a month-long virtual event that encourages and supports open source contributions. Open Source Software (OSS) is a codebase that the public can view, contribute to, and use. Sponsored by DigitalOcean, a contributor can qualify for the official Hacktoberfest swag by registering and making four pull requests (PRs) between October 1-31.

During Hacktoberfest in October, we help and support our members to contribute to and/or maintain open source repositories.

Our plan is to harness the power in our community to help developers become excited to contribute to Open Source Software (OSS) and some of our favorite open source repositories along the way.

Before October, we will drop the form and instructions for Hacktoberfest Initiative in some dedicated channels on Slack.

Because not everyone will need the same level or type of support, we're working to accommodate as many needs as possible. This could include 1:1 mentorship, access to private Slack channels, a group coding session, a review of the project you're using for Hacktoberfest, or general community support. We're also here to cheer you on throughout the month, whether on social media, through our events, or Slack.

For more information, you can read our Virtual Coffee: Hacktoberfest Initiative page.

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