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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, May 2023

Pair Programming in May πŸ’

Hey friends!

April was all about sharing the love and May is all about sharing the cursor! We're gonna be pair programming at VC this month!

πŸ’ž Kindness and Gratitude

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"As a new member here its obvious! I am grateful for this community and the welcoming spirit of all!"


"Grateful for this community; sometimes looking forward to our chats gets me through the week."


"I am immensely grateful to the VC maintainers who work tirelessly to ensure its smooth functioning."


"I'm grateful for Virtual Coffee and the opportunity to give a lunch and learn to my friends this morning."


πŸ“† What's happening at Virtual Coffee

April Recap

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: Gratitude!

Last month we really tried to spread the love around, acknowledging all the wonderful people who make this space great! Sometimes we need to remember that the most healing and restorative thing you do for yourself is to share gratitude and support to the people around you! Thank you to all the members who reached out to others and brought more positivity to the space!

May Happenings

πŸ’‘Monthly Theme & Challenge: Month of Pairing!

This month we are Pair Programming! That means we are teaming up with each other all month to write code together. Zoom tuple, Skype, whatever you'd like. Pair programming is a great way to learn from each other and solve problems and we're taking it one step further by seeing if we can get as many pairings as possible as community!

For this challenge, members are challenged to hit 5 pairing sessions per person. Some ways to get started pairing are on an open-source issue, a LeetCode problem, or a project they need help on.

β˜•πŸͺ‘ Coffee Table Events

β˜• Official Virtual Coffee Events

Note: These are the currently scheduled times for these events at the time of this publication. Please check the official VC #announcements Slack channel, or other noted channels, for any updates and links to event rooms. For the full list of events, check out our events page.

Volunteering at VC

We're very excited to continue open membership with the support of our active volunteers! All our active volunteers have an invite to send out to someone interested in joining Virtual Coffee. If you're interested in joining the volunteer team, check out some the roles here!

Member Blogpost Highlights

Some of our member posts we loved in April!

Member Wins

"Decided to try and make a new personal website this morning and succeeded!"


"I just got invited to my first ever software dev job interview!!!"


"I gave my first conference talk!"


"I start my new job as Developer Experience Lead"


What our members are up to

Open Source Projects

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