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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, January 2023

It's a New Year for Success! 💝

Hey friends!

December was great for doing some non-tech activities but we're back in the swing of things with a new year and new challenges!

💞 Kindness and Gratitude

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"As the year grows and closes, I am always grateful for you all. I appreciate, learn from and have grown because of this community."


"I am grateful for Virtual Coffee."


"I'm grateful for people who constantly support me in my down times. And I'm always grateful for being part of VC family."


📆 What's happening at Virtual Coffee

December Recap

Monthly challenge -> Creative Community Challenge!

Last month we wound down the year by indulging in our non-tech hobbies and interests, sharing them with our friends and community. Shout out to everyone who shared their music, arts, crafts, and outdoor activities. It was great to see more sides of our wonderful wonderful community.

January -> Month of Learning!

During this month, we'll work on learning new dev-related things. You might deep-dive into one topic, start a small-group that focuses on community learning, focus on a new topic every week, or do a little bit of everything.

If you're inspired by what you learn and want to share more, we encourage you to give a Lunch & Learn in February or get ready for our Lightning Talks in March!

Our goal is to learn something new, share what we've learned, and gather recommendations and resources to share with the community. Check out the Virtual Coffee website for more details!

☕🪑 Coffee Table Events

☕ Official Virtual Coffee Events

Note: These are the currently scheduled times for these events at the time of this publication. Please check the official VC #announcements Slack channel, or other noted channels, for any updates and links to event rooms. For the full list of events, check out our events page.

Volunteering at VC

We're very excited to continue open membership with the support of our active volunteers! All our active volunteers have an invite to send out to someone interested in joining Virtual Coffee. If you're interested in joining the volunteer team, check out some the roles here!

Member Highlights


Here's some of the awesome articles our members wrote!

Member Wins

"Dor Moshe put my CSS Ugly Sweater post in his CSS trends newsletter. Code newbies shared the post on Twitter."


"Pushed some code on my first day!"


"I finally finished Flexbox Zombies!"


What our members are up to

Open Source Projects

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