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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, January 2022

Happy New Year Virtual Coffee family!

Hey friends!

We had a ton of fun in December doing some non coding activities (especially fiber arts) but now we're ready to start learning again!

💞 Community Kindness

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

"So grateful for this community. I know I have been a lot less active in slack since I changed jobs but I really appreciate those who have checked in on me, and for remembering me when I do manage to pop on to a coffee! also grateful for a job that allows for work life balance and the health of my family and myself."


"I'm super grateful to have found this community! You are all the best!"


"I'm grateful for this community, the friendships that have deepened here, the support I've received. For my family, having quality time to spend with them, and for having what I need to take care of them."


📆 What's happening at Virtual Coffee

December Recap

January Happenings

💡 Monthly Theme & Challenge: Month of Learning! !

During this month, we'll work on learning new dev-related things. You might deep-dive into one topic, start a small-group that focuses on community learning, focus on a new topic every week, or do a little bit of everything.

🎙️ Podcasts

Season 4 of the podcast wrapped up!

🥪 Member Events

These are members-only events that last for 45 - 90 minutes.

** Link for the Lunch & Learns can be found in slack about 15 minutes before the event and the descriptions can be found at

Member Blogpost Highlights

This month, we decided to do a highlight reel of some of the posts we've loved over the year!

Member Wins

As always, shout-out to all our members celebrating new roles this month!

"Win: FINALLY finished refactoring the testing rig at work so that it instantiates the part of the application my team owns properly."


"I was accepted to a scholarship program to improve my skills!"


"Really excited I've released my first blog post today."


What our members are up to

Open Source Projects

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