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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, May 2021

What we're up to in May: celebrating feedback and moving forward!

Hey friends!

April was a blast and May is looking just as exciting. There are so many great things happening in the community and we can't wait to share them with you!

💞 Community Kindness

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

📆 What's happening at Virtual Coffee

April Recap:

May Happenings:

💡Monthly Challenge: Month of Feedback!

We know that being a developer is more than writing code, so this month we're working on providing each other with honest and empathetic feedback. For the month of May, we're asking members to both ask for feedback and to give feedback to others. It could be on a blog post, an idea, a coding project, a talk, or whatever you could use feedback on. And to go along with our monthly theme, we're also collecting resources on how to give good feedback.

🎙️ Podcasts

Season Two is officially here!

🥪 Brownbags

Member Blog Post Highlights

Some of our member posts we loved in May

Slack Love

Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. VC has been so instrumental in my 2021 journey and I am very thankful for everyone."


Grateful for VC. This community keeps me going, you have no idea 💙."


Grateful, always, for this awesome community and the support of people like @ray Deck, @tom Cudd and @ryan Lynch who take the time to help me understand things that feel like they’re way over my head."

Julia S.

What our members are up to

Open Source Projects We Love!

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