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Virtual Coffee Newsletter, March 2021

Our community was on 🔥 in February and they're bringing it into March

Hey friends!

February was an amazing month for us and March promises to be just as incredible. We polished our Month of Sharing, and we capped it off with our Lightning Talks; over a dozen members presented! We're keeping up that energy going into March with a ton of brownbag events for even more knowledge and goodness 💖

💞 Community Kindness

Spotlighting some of the kindness happening in our community.

📆 What's happening at Virtual Coffee

February Recap:

🥪 Lightning Talks

We had our 2nd ever Lightning Talk Event live-streamed on YouTube and it was amazing. A huge thank you to the speakers, volunteers, coordinators, and attendees who made this possible! We can't wait to share the recordings.

February Happenings:

💡 Monthly Challenge: Get Job Ready!

Time to make note of all the cool things that you do! Get job-ready! Resumes, Portfolios, Cover Letters, and Elevator Pitch! Whether you're actively looking, getting ready to look, or just want to update your materials in case that dream job comes along, this is a great time to do it with the community and to get some feedback.

🎙️ Podcast

🥪 🙌 Livestream Q&A Collaboration

March 4th, 1:15pm EST - Bekah from Virtual Coffee, Drew from, and Andrew from The Collab Lab will be live streaming their panel, Empowering Junior Developers, and taking questions through YouTube chat.

🥪 Brownbags

*Remember that brownbags are a member-only event and we post the zoom links approximately 1 hour before the event starts in the #announcements channel.

Member Blog Post Highlights

Some of our member posts we loved in February

Slack Love

I am thankful that there are so many people going out of their way and helping me. I don't know if they had help when they were a junior so that's why they know the struggle but it feels truly amazing to be guided and I am extremely touched love this community."

Jenny Ma

What our members are up to

Open Source Projects We Love!

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