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A user guide for current members to get the most out of Virtual Coffee.

Onboarding processes can be confusing. This is just as true for software as it is for communities!

We get many questions such as "I have some questions or ideas; how and where should I ask this," "Do we have a channel for {something}," "How do I find a channel in Slack," "I would like to help, how do I volunteer?" And many more!

To give you the best experience, and to get the most out of Virtual Coffee, we created the official "Virtual Coffee Guide"!

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This is the most important part of Virtual Coffee. We want this community to be a welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and safe place for all our members.

We pledge to make participation in our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, visible or invisible disability, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

We take our Code of Conduct seriously. You can find a copy of it on our website.

I think someone has violated the Code of Conduct. How can I report it?

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You can report your experience to our Maintainers at hello@virtualcoffee.io or anonymously at virtualcoffee.io/report-coc-violation.

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We have twice weekly Coffees (Zoom Meetings) on Tuesday at 9:00 AM ET and Thursday at 12:00 PM ET that last an hour.

This is a good place and time to meet and get to know other members, old and new, through casual conversations.

After some pre-coffee chatter while people filter in, the Coffee MC will do an intro with some background and important announcements. Then we'll break the crowd into breakout rooms for more relaxed and intimate conversations.

How to Participate

When we move to the small group conversations, there will be a room leader and notetaker for the room. They'll explain how we do introductions and how to participate. We value all of our members and the ways they're most comfortable participating.

If you're here to listen and chill? No problem! If you can't turn on your camera, or aren't comfortable having your camera or even sound on? Feel free to turn them off! There is no obligation for you to have them on. We want you to be as comfortable as possible in our coffees.

Much of Virtual Coffee occurs on Slack. We have channels in our Slack to accommodate our members. We encourage members to participate in Slack to get the most out of Virtual Coffee.

How to find channels in Slack?

On computer:
On phone:

Tips: You can scroll in a channel's conversation to understand better what the channel is all about before clicking the "Join" button.

How to leave a channel in Slack?

If you decided to leave a channel:

On computer:
On phone:

Several useful channels in our Slack (in no particular order)

Our members voluntarily hold events from members to members! Check out our Events page for a full listing.

Monthly Challenges

Every month we hold a monthly challenge which we encourage our members to participate in!

At the end of the month there would be an announcement on what we will do for the upcoming monthly challenge. Starting at the beginning of the month, members can update their progress in a Slack’s channel that is provided special for monthly challenges.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learns are hour-long events lead by our members. They can be traditional conference-style talk, panel discussion, question and answer, or a combination.

If a member has a topic that they want to present as a Lunch & Learn, they can do so by filling out the Lunch & Learn Idea form. A coordinator will reach out and get the talk scheduled and put on the events calendar.

Lightning Talks

Occasionally we hold Lightning Talk sessions. A group of members take turns presenting their talk in a 5-20 minutes time range. A Call for Proposals will be shared in Virtual Coffee Slack. This is a great way to try your hand at public speaking! We always provide mentorship for those who want it.

Do check the playlist on youtube from our latest sessions!


Yes! We do participate in Digital Ocean's HacktoberFest! In fact, Virtual Coffee is also open source. Every October we help our members to contribute to and/or maintain open sources.

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As you can see, Virtual Coffee has Coffees (Zoom Meetings), events, even office hours! And these are all becoming possible thanks to our members who run these voluntarily.

If you would like to volunteer in anything, please contact one of our community maintainers, or reach out to us at hello@virtualcoffee.io.

Open Source

Virtual Coffee’s website is open source and we love contributions!

Please read our Contributing Guide for some guidance on contributing to virtualcoffee.io!


Our members volunteer their time and support for Virtual Coffee to run. Sponsorships help us to continue serving the Virtual Coffee community, and to support all of the things you see on this page!

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We interview members of the community to learn more about their stories, who they are, how they found Virtual Coffee, and how that influences their lives as developers.

You can subscribe and listen to our backlog of episodes on the Virtual Coffee Podcast page.

Every month we publish a newsletter for our members to keep up with Virtual Coffee. Our newsletter includes upcoming Virtual Coffee events, interesting things our members are doing, and lots more.

You can subscribe to or read the newsletter on the Virtual Coffee Newsletter page.

Come chat on Twitter!

We post event recordings and other resources on our YouTube Channel.

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