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BekahHW profile image

Community + Code. Co-Founder @Virtual-Coffee; Frontend Dev

Sara McCombs profile image

Software Engineer @ Aiera | Bibliophile | Diversity, Inclusion, & A11Y Advocate | Community Engagement Leader @ Project Alloy | Co-Founder @

Community Engagement

Dan Ott profile image

Independent front-end designer and developer, father, #ADHD person, and Clevelander. He/him

Kirk Shillingford profile image

Full Stack. Functional Programming main. F#, Elm, Python, SQL Server. Trying kindness. Community Manager at

Our Members

Ayu Adiati profile image

🤓 Life-long learner 👨‍👩‍👧 A wife & a mother 📑 Aiming to be front-end/fullstack web developer

Andrea Martz profile image

Full stack developer and avid learner

Brandon Brown profile image

Full Stack Software Developer with a passion for learning. Experienced in Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript, C#, HTML, and CSS.

Chad Rhonan Stewart profile image

A Software Engineer trying to learn to make a living typing weird squiggly lines on a computer screen that does stuff!

Chuck  profile image

Software Developer Ruby, Rails, React, Vuejs, Nuxtjs Looking for work.

Chris Jarvis profile image

Software developer, UI & UX. A love of creative endeavors and a desire to solve puzzles led me to delve software development.

Typing Turtle profile image

Engineer or Manager in Boston, MA

Dominic Duffin profile image

Open University student, computing & economics. HTML/CSS/JS, Python. Passionate about open source. Co-founder #ArtTechChat Twitter chat

Karen Dickenson profile image

Frontend Developer; Drupal, WordPress; freeCodeCamp Ann Arbor/Ypsi - local organizer

Laura OBrien profile image

Hi! My name is Laura, and I love Front End Web Development! I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Lucia Cerchie profile image

Hi there! I love working with JS and Python. I'm an Arizona transplant 🌵 who gets going with coffee and winds down with yoga.

Meg Gutshall profile image

Software developer with a love for Ruby. Always smiling. Continuously learning. Read the docs!!

Mike Rogers profile image

A Rubyist, a menace, a web hygienist.

Nick Taylor profile image

Senior Software Engineer @forem / @thepracticaldev

Suraj Panchal profile image

Full Stack Developer | C#.Net, .Net Core, MVC, Angular, NodeJs, Sql Server, MongoDB

Jen Kennedy profile image

Frontend Developer | JavaScript, React, GraphQL | Tech for good 💜