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BekahHW profile image

Community + Code | Founder @Virtual-Coffee | Frontend Dev

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Software Engineer @ Aiera | Bibliophile | Diversity, Inclusion, & A11Y Advocate | Community Engagement Leader @ Project Alloy | Co-Founder @

Community Engagement

Dan Ott profile image

Independent front-end designer and developer, father, #ADHD person, and Clevelander. He/him

Kirk Shillingford profile image

Full Stack. Functional Programming main. F#, Elm, Python, SQL Server. Trying kindness. Community Manager at

Our Members

Ayu Adiati profile image

🤓 Life-long learner 👨‍👩‍👧 A wife & a mother 📑 Aiming to be front-end/fullstack web developer

Andrea Martz profile image

Full stack developer and avid learner

Brandon Brown profile image

Full Stack Software Developer with a passion for learning. Experienced in Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript, C#, HTML, and CSS.

Justin Noel profile image

Full Stack/Mobile Developer. I dabble in : Firebase, Ionic Framework, React Native, React, Angular, Node, PHP, LAMP, Cordova, PhoneGap, MongoDB, MySQL

Chad Rhonan Stewart profile image

A Software Engineer trying to learn to make a living typing weird squiggly lines on a computer screen that does stuff!

Chuck  profile image

Software Developer Ruby, Rails, React, Vuejs, Nuxtjs Looking for work.

Chris Jarvis profile image

Software developer, UI & UX. A love of creative endeavors and a desire to solve puzzles led me to delve software development.

Typing Turtle profile image

Engineer or Manager in Boston, MA

Dominic Duffin profile image

Coding CSS, Elm, React, JavaScript, Python. Working on open source and studying at the Open University (UK).

Gant Laborde profile image

Outlandish philosopher, writer, public speaker turned mad scientist. Passion for research and teaching, I get to create everyday.

Gervanna Stephens profile image

Newbie-Learning programmer. Trying to restart and give-up like a pro.

Karen Dickenson profile image

Frontend Developer; Drupal, WordPress; freeCodeCamp Ann Arbor/Ypsi - local organizer

Laura OBrien profile image

Hi! My name is Laura, and I love Front End Web Development! I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Lucia Cerchie profile image

Hi there! I love working with JS and Python. I'm an Arizona transplant 🌵 who gets going with coffee and winds down with yoga.

Meg Gutshall profile image

Software developer with a love for Ruby. Always smiling. Continuously learning. Read the docs!!

Mike Rogers profile image

A Rubyist, a menace, a web hygienist. Alt: @MikeRogers0-YouTube

Nick Taylor profile image

Senior Software Engineer @forem / @thepracticaldev

Stephen Blais profile image

Stirring some full-stack web dev software engineering into this recipe for a new taste sensation

Suraj Panchal profile image

Full Stack Developer | C#.Net, .Net Core, MVC, Angular, NodeJs, Sql Server, MongoDB

Jen Kennedy profile image

Frontend Developer | JavaScript, React, GraphQL | Tech for good 💜