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team spirit

Virtual Coffee Members

A community is only as awesome as its members!

Core Team


Org Maintainer Community Maintainer
Community + Code | Creator, Maintainer @Virtual-Coffee | Frontend Dev

Dan Ott

Org Maintainer

Independent front-end designer and developer, father, #ADHD person, and Clevelander.


Sara McCombs

Community Maintainer
Software Engineer @ Aiera

Kirk Shillingford

Community Maintainer
Dev at Blissfully. Community Maintainer at Currently working on a lot of Elm and Typescript.

Our Members

Alex Curtis-Slep

JavaScript developer leveraging React to create amazing applications

Amy Shackles

Full-Stack Software Developer with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for helping people. Experienced in JavaScript, React, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB

Bogdan Covrig

Software engineer. Building data infrastructures supporting legal research frameworks. Research interest are privacy and security, consumer profiling, and HCI.

Cassidy Mountjoy

Entrepreneur and database developer @Blockpoint, avid surfer and enjoyer of the outdoors

Lucia Cerchie

Hi there! I love working with JS and GraphQL. I'm an Arizona transplant 🌡 who gets going with coffee and winds down with yoga.

Chad Rhonan Stewart

A Software Engineer trying to learn to make a living typing weird squiggly lines on a computer screen that does stuff!

Chris Jarvis

Software developer, UI & UX. A love of creative endeavors and a desire to solve puzzles led me to delve software development.

Brian Meeker

Ceremonial Director of Engineering | Full Stack Engineer | Lover of Systems

Dana Ottaviani

Software Developer | Blogger

Luis Sanchez

Remote Software Engineer. I like to cook, watch anime, and take care of plants

Travis Martin

Full-stack software dev based in Atlanta, GA. JS connoisseur, qualified nerd, and habitual smiler.

Laura OBrien

Springboard Software Engineering Student || Single Parent || Neurodivergent(ADHD) || Rust Belt Resident

Matt McInnis (he/him)

Web Developer, Data Scientist.

Suze Shardlow

Rising Star In Technology Winner 2021 β€’ Women In Software Power List 2020 β€’ TechWomen100 Award 2020 β€’ Tech Writer + Event Host β€’ Community Lead, Ladies Of Code

Yolanda Haynes

A software engineer who loves to meet new people, learning & creating new things, and striving to be better. Also, I love to eat πŸ˜„

Justin Hager

Apps && Acro

Abbey Perini

A full-stack web developer, crafter, blogger, fiber artist, cosplayer, yoga teacher, and gamer with years of recruiting industry experience.

Adam Abundis

A Front-end Engineer who enjoys building user interfaces and learning more about web development best-practices.

Ayu Adiati

πŸ“‘ Frontend Developer || Technical Blogger πŸ€“ Life-long learner

Álvaro SÑnchez Taboada

junior front-end, bass player, learning,
communicating and bike riding.

Andrea Martz

Full-stack dev | Avid learner | Passionate about education and equity & using tech to make it happen

Arvin Fernandez

Full-Stack Software Engineer with a passion for improving lives through software.

Aurelie Fomum

Full stack software developer: HTML/CSS3/Bootstrap/ JS/Node.js/React.js

Avinash Upadhyaya

DevOps Engineer who loves most things Cloud Native. Love tinkering with new tech and meeting new folks!


Creative and organized full-stack software engineer and garden gnome fan.

Madeline Hassett

Software Engineer πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» β˜•οΈ she/her

Brandon Brown

Full Stack Software Developer with a passion for learning. Experienced in Rails, React, Redux, JavaScript, C#, HTML, and CSS.


A young ambitious developer hungry for success and knowledge. Working late nights and early mornings to build the steps to the top.

Caitlin Floyd

(she/her) DC-based front-end engineer, motivated by the power of technology as a tool for positive change

Calendee LLC

Calendee LLC (the business side of Justin Noel) : If you're looking for Justin Noel's profile, please see

Stephen Carroll

Former opera singer | board game and coffee lover | bread baker. He/him

Tiffany Udoh

Full stack developer. I enjoy learning and contributing to the open source community.

Michael Honey-Arcement

Lifetime programmer with special attachment to Internet technologies. I champion the Accessible Web and the voice of end-users.

Christopher Johnston

Web Developer and Geek. I code by day and take care of the forked versions of me by night.

Courtney Landau

Cristien Natal

Hello πŸ‘‹ I am a Front End Engineer πŸ’« Currently learning React βš› and Python 🐍 I am into data and design. A11Y Advocate.

Crislana Rafael

Front-end developer πŸ’» | Hackathon Enthusiast πŸ‘Ύ | Writer πŸ“

Daniel Cobo

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»Full-stack developer |🍦Vanilla code advocate | ✍️ Occasionally blogging at

Daniel Anderson

Interested in improving my programming skills along with learning new and exciting things in the programming world

Typing Turtle

Engineer or Manager in Boston, MA

Debra-Kaye Elliott

Front End Developer | Blogger

Dominic Duffin

Coding CSS, Elm, React, JavaScript, Python. Working on open source and studying at the Open University (UK).


Front End Developer @OpsCompass Ruby, Rails, React, Vuejs, SCSS Nerd

Enrique Hilst

Developer at CUNA Mutual Group

Fatima Olasunkanmi-Ojo

Software Developer | Technical Writer

Gant Laborde

Outlandish philosopher, writer, public speaker turned mad scientist. Passion for research and teaching, I get to create everyday.

Roger Gentry

Zombie Geek, hacker by nature, developer by trade, entrepreneur by passion. I turn ideas into reality.

Jessica Wilkins

I am a web developer and staff author for freeCodeCamp News.

Jen Kennedy

Frontend Developer | JavaScript, React, GraphQL | Tech for good πŸ’œ

Jonathan Yeong

Software engineer πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» β€’ Newbie photographer πŸ“· β€’ Climber πŸ§—πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Julia Seidman

Developer | Writer | Educator | Always learning, no matter the classroom.

Kenny Fairris

Software Engineer | Front-end Web Developer

Karen Dickenson

Frontend Developer; Drupal, WordPress; freeCodeCamp Ann Arbor/Ypsi - local organizer

Lennox Gilbert

Software Developer | UWaterloo '20

Logan McCamon

Team Lead | Software Engineer with a data driven mindset and a passion for problem solving


Lewis Sparlin

Full Stack Developer πŸ’»
Rails | Javascript | Lifetime learner | Loves β˜•οΈ

Shannon Quinn

Academic, Data Scientist, Runner, Donut-eater

Matthew Dean

I'm just your regular ol' front-end expert contributing to some shnazzy CSS-y things. He / Him

Meg Gutshall

Software developer with a love for Ruby. Always smiling. Continuously learning. Read the docs!!

Mike Rogers

A Rubyist, a menace, a web hygienist. Alt: @MikeRogers0-YouTube

Marie Antons

Community Engineer focusing on nurturing the community around @drone !

Vic Vijayakumar

I do the codes.

Nerando Johnson

Atlanta freeCodeCamp Organizer || Level 1.5 Developer || Fullstack Developer || Role => DevOps Engineer

Nicole Lee

Full-stack developer with a motivation to promote positive change.

Nora Fergany

Full Stack Developer

Konstantinos Bazoukis

Software Developer

Reda Baha

I'm an entry-level front-end developer who loves building stuff with React, looking for opportunities to demonstrate my skills.

Regina Robinson

Software Engineer with a deep passion for making meaningful applications that solve users' problem.

Stephen Blais

Stirring some full-stack web developerosity into this recipe for a new taste sensation! Unconventionally uncategorizable; eminently employable.


I'm a freelance writer with a background in front-end web development and digital communication. πŸ˜„ Pronouns: she / her.


Web Developer - contributing to open source bitcoin projects and working towards becoming a full-time dev!

Seth Hall

Front End Web Developer at Creative Producer. Enjoying life, work & art one day at a time.

Shelley McHardy

Full stack developer with a background in science education. Expertise in teaching chemistry, writing, and technology to teens and adults .

Ryan Lynch

πŸ”° Always a beginner πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» Engineer and Mentor πŸ‘‹πŸ» he/him

Simon Prickett

Developer Advocacy Manager at Redis. Electronics hobbyist. Views are mine buy your own.

Spike Vinz Cruz

Full-Stack Web Developer

Suraj Panchal

Full Stack Developer | Full Stack Developer | .Net core (ASP.Net, Web API, Windows form, HostedService), Dapper, Entity Framework Core, RabbitMQ, Micro-service

Taiwo Yusuf

Backend Developer || Open Source Contributor || AI Art enthusiast. Lover 😍 of all types of generative models and cats.

Thacher Hussain

Passionate about helping people live better. Developer, Designer, Advocate.

Tom Bousquet

Technical Support Engineer at Apptio

Tom Cudd

As an advocate for DevOps, I’ve helped bring about a positive change in the way Development and Operations teams work together.


An avid web developer learner.

Nath Duncan

Github page for me...Zooglon.